EMUE Client: Publishing company Role: Overall brand identity design, book cover layout and artwork Photography: Anne-Sophie Poirier

LAURA MARLING – THE NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE Role: Artistic Direction, Model Making and Stop Motion Production Collaboration: Redman Behind the scenes: HERE

KRISTIE & RUSS Client: Private Role: Illustration and Wedding Invitation

OBLICA MURAL Client: Oblica – Designer Fireplaces Role: Artistic Direction and Illustration Collaboration: Tim Laing View an animation of the installation here:

THE RETREAT FEST Client: Event Manager Role: Artistic Direction and 3D Illustration

SIERRA FIN Client: Band Role: Artistic Direction and Artwork production Photography: Anne-Sophie Poirier

BY JOSEPHINE –  FEINBÄKEREI 365 Sydney Rd, Melbourne, Australien Fertigstellung 2012 Fotografie: Anne-Sophie Poirier

RABBIT HOLE A compilation of various illustrations, in no particular order.            

MAISON A München, Deutschland Fertigstellung 2017 Fotografie: Anne-Sophie Poirier

Maison H Hawthorn, VIC, Australien Entwurf  

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